Universal Fastener Company Fasteners for Industry
We are your supplier of fasteners for industry; including metric, inch, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, and exotic materials. We specialize in full service bin stocking programs to meet all your fastener needs.
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Is equipment downtime due to the lack of parts causing lost profitability?

Are fire drills and other fastener-related emergencies adding to your work load and stress level?

Is buying fasteners taking all your time at the expense of your other duties? Do you wish others could shop for fasteners for you?

Would you like to reduce the number of purchase orders and different suppliers for fasteners?

Can't find sources for special items or paying through the nose for spare parts from the equipment manufacturer?

Not exactly sure what you need?

Our veteran sales staff has the knowledge and experience and available sources necessary to answer your questions and meet your fastener needs. If you wish, Universal Fastener Company will visit your work locations, identify and organize your fasteners and establish a schedule to automatically reorder your parts and put up stock as required. Such a bin stocking program not only allows extra time spent on fasteners to be used on other tasks, but will keep you from building up excess hardware at the expense of those items you really need. For those unique parts, a drawing or a sample is all you need to get that part identified and supplied.

Universal Fastener Company is not just fasteners -- we also can furnish fittings, retaining rings, pins, tubing, exotic materials, and other special items too numerous to mention. We look forward to hearing from you soon and turning your fastener procurement into an enjoyable experience.